Vent Racing Technologies
We have been making UTV safety and reliability look good since 2008.

Our job at Vent Racing is to make your UTV safe and reliable. But, we think you should also look good doing it. That's why we make top of the line Roll cages for your RZR. We use work hardened steel and state of the art construction techniques to make the toughest, safest, and best built cages. Using .095 wall DOM work hardened steel to build you RZR roll cage is not our only commitment to safety. We use high quality materials to improve the functionality, handling, and looks of your machine. We have a full professional factory that allows us to produce high quality UTV Roll cages efficiently and quickly. This means you can have a custom quality cage without the custom price tag. We have over 10 years of experience in building roll cages, and have even built racing machines for high profile teams like Nitro Circus. We have run the Baja 1000 on a RZR 900 XP and we run the Best in the Desert series as well. Our experience in racing has taught us the value of safety in UTV's. You can also rest assured that we ride hard, so our cages are built to take a beating. Our roll cages are pretty tough, and even better to back them up we have a crash replacement program. That's right if you crash one of our cages hard enough to severely bend it, we'll send you a new one for the cost of shipping. Part of how we stand behind our products. We believe everyone has the right to enjoy power sports safely. Know that when you buy a vent racing cage, it will be the toughest, safest, and best looking you can buy.

A strong roll cage is a lot more than just a nice material or even a good welder. It is every aspect of the cage's design. With years of experience our R&D team design safety and reliability into each new cage. Then we use inert gas welding to make the strongest, cleanest welds possible. Our cages feature single piece front to back hoops, with no welds to strain any potential stress joints. We also use state of the art optimization techniques to know where the best points of triangulation are for a variety of impacts. If you roll on your side, back, or end-over-end in a gnarly jump and you'll know you have the best name in cages.

We also do custom work. From custom brackets to fully built Baja ready UTVs and everything in between. Let us know how we can help you with our contact form on the site, and email or with a phone call.